August 28- Sept. 2, 2013  Lucas Oil Raceway- Indianapolis, IN.- Racing against 24 of the best TAD in the United States was an unreal experience.  Our first qualifier ran5.567 @261.47 putting us 12th with our personal best time and speed. Qualifier 2 we only had an hour to service car, which is way short than what we were used to doing.  As a result we had a fuel line leak and were shut off at the starting line. Qualifier 3 Don was pushing car too hard an shifting at 10,200 RPM then went 10,400 an hit rev limiter shutting car off 3.5 seconds or we could of had a better run but instead ran 5.60 which bumps us 21st. place.  With one more chance at 9:30 in morning and we ran anther personal best with a 5.562 @261.88, yet not enough for the U.S. Nationals.  It's hard to not push your equipment over its limits when your racing the nations best, but we know our parts will live to race another day, and we set some personal best in the process.  Nolan racing will run at least one more event this season.  Next we will be traveling to Charlotte, NC. competing in another national event.                                                                       

Nolan Racing

Top Alcohol Dragster TEAM

2013 Season

September 13-15, 2013  Z-Max Dragway- Charlotte, NC. - In Q1 we ran a slow 6.03 @ 166.29 for 17th. Place in the 18 car field.  In Q2 the team would dial in the Vision dragster and run an all time best of 5.406 @ 263.98 for the #2 spot.  The team would lose a couple of qualifying spots to the A/Fuel cars on a cool Saturday morning, but we would hold in the 40’s with a 5.445 @ 261.22 for the #7 spot on the final ladder.  Coming out of the seven hole in R1 (round 1) we would take on (#3 in the nation) Randy Meyer.  We took the win with a 5.455 to a tire smoking 9.715 for Meyer.  On Sunday morning our team beat five time world champion Bill Reichert for an R2 win, 5.420 @ 262.44 to a 5.481 @ 256.80 for him.  In R3 (the semi finals) we faced Rich McPhillips.  After a series of questionable actions we would lose with a 5.506 @ 263.26 to a 5.450 @ 260.46  The team still had the best week of racing we ever had and look forward to the next outing at Gainesville in March 2014.
May 17-19, 2013  Summit Motorsports Park @ Norwalk, OH –The team ran what looked to be a record run if the timing beams had not been tripped early, giving us no time on the run.  The other lane ran a 5.39 and Don was leading him until the 1000 foot mark when we pushed out a head gasket resulting in a blower explosion.  The rest of the runs fell surprisingly in the high 5.60 low 5.70 range until we discovered a bad plug wire (we were running on seven cylinders). 

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  • June 7-9, 2013  Route 66 Raceway @ Joliet, Il.- Rejoined by last years Crew Chief Richard Putz, we hoped to make it into the field of eight for Sunday, but with 18 of the top cars in the nation having the same idea, we finished the week at 13th.  It seemed we made the wrong changes for this track and the conditions, only hitting the 5.67 mark.
  • July 19-21, 2013  National Trail Raceway @ Columbus, OH.- 1st round qualifying had a descent run going with a 0.98 60 foot but got out about 300 feet and rattled the tires peddled but got back in the throttle a little too early an shot the car toward the centerline peddled again then shot it toward the wall then just gave it up for like a 7.23. But we weren't the only ones having trouble, the 7.23 got us number 8 spot.

     Saturday was rain almost all day off and on but cleared up enough to get one more qualifying run in before Sunday.  We had a soft tune up
     in the car and was hoping to improve our time to around mid 5.60's everything looked good during warm-up and sounded good, had a good
     until the car was shut down at the stage due to a busted main oil line. Although aggravating, it would have been a very bad outcome to
     have burst during the run at around 260 mph. Even though at the time I didn't really appreciate it but after a couple days to look back on
     it God blesses us in many ways.

  • August 23-25 Beech Bend Raceway @ Bowling Green, KY- Team misfortunes continued at Bowling Green. We had a blow out on the hauler while driving to the race, that should have been a sign, but we still proceeded to the track. 

     In Q1 the car rolled through the beams giving us no time on the first of two runs for the weekend qualifying.  In Q2 Don ran a 5.76 but
     broke a pushrods adjuster and pushed a head gasket out, leaning the engine out.  As a result it torched the head and block also got part of
     the intake as went through the lights at end of track, we missed qualifying by a FEW thousands. 

     The team would spend Saturday night and Sunday tearing down the motor to have it shipped to Indy for repairs before the U.S. Nationals
     (our next race).