Nolan Racing

Top Alcohol Dragster TEAM

2014 Season

September 16, 2014 Charlotte Update

Friday was supposed to be 11:30 Q1 but NHRA pushed it back until after nitro then pushed it back again and again until finally cancelled it leaving the third fastest cars on the property not even 1 qualifying round in which we were supposed to have 2 and to beat it all every other car on the property even super stock got at least 2 passes.
Then on Saturday at 9:30 we were allowed to make our first qualifying pass, with only 20 cars listed I decided before hand to get it down the track even if it meant peddling for a shot to qualify.

On our first shot the car took of decent but at about 800 feet went into a violent tire shake so I peddled the car not knowing the tire shake had broken the shutoff valve inlet which let all the fuel out there going lean and kicking 4 rods out of the block, but on a good note if there is any we were sitting at number 11.

Q2 came around too quick for us to change motors and make the pass after all was said and done. Without making Q2, we still remained qualified at 15 and first round of eliminations were to be at 5PM. This gave us a few hours to change heads, transmission, short block, and repair rockers and also look for parts that I destroyed and didn't have a spare. Teamwork - with the help of Michael, Mike, Rick Hickman, Brent Hickman, Jama Hickman, Tony Bogolo, Matt Cain and myself a miracle was granted. Also a special thank you to Steve Harker, Jerry Maddern and Dave Hiarata for the parts we didnt have. We made the call to the staging lanes with seconds to spare, rushing to suit up. We were paired with the number one blower car in the world who had won the last 5 races - The Peen rite dragster of Jerry Maddern driven by Chris Demke. The Vision RV / Renegade Fuels dragster made a run out of it until 800 feet when went into tire shake, again. With that, I decided to click it off and coast to the finish and the end of our season (mainly due to the fact the fact we couldn't afford to demolish our only back up motor after the carnage of Q1).

Again a BIG THANK YOU to all for the help and all the other teams who gave us the parts to make the round and A Great Big Thank You to all our sponsors - without you Nolan Racing could not have had the season we did have. Sorry if we let you down in any way. We had a few gremlins during the year, but I can honestly say we gave it 110% all year. I also want to thank my crew, all 2 of them, for putting up with the frustration and hard work we had at each race. Our 3 man crew does what most teams do with 5 and 6 man crews. You guys are the best, thank you for all you do!
2014 Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, KY
We would like to thank all out sponsors, once again, for all the help they gave us throughout the year. We finished the season in 37th nationally, which is a big jump from last year and a huge jump from first season in Top Alcohol, two years ago. Without God, our family and all of you, we could not make it. THANK YOU!!