Nolan Racing

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For those wanting to watch us this weekend, Division 3 had a live feed Called D3 TV. Check out your Nolan Racing Team and the rest of the classes at the following site: NHRA DIV3

Gainesville Raceway  March 12-15, 2016

2016 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series

Southeast Division Prelude to the Gators

Gainesville, FL

Our first qualifying of the year was a bit off as Don Runs 6.222 @171.16, Now #6.  In our second qualifier Don runs 6.020 @238.64, Now #7.  Due to a mechanical problem, compounded by time constraints, we missed Q3 and fell to 9th.  Since the top 8 cars run for the trophy (Wally), we were out of this one.

Nolan Racing returns to the track Friday at 10:45 a.m. for Q1 of the Gator Nationals.

Gainesville Raceway  March 17 - 20, 2016

2016 Amalie Motor Oil Gator Nationals

Gainesville, FL

March 18 - Friday Qualifying   

  • Qualifying  Q1 (10:45AM)
    Left Lane: Don Nolan Runs 21.136/244.96, Now #11
    Right Lane: Jake Allen Runs 5.396/260.76, Now #2
    Nolan gets about 60 feet out, bangs the blower and the chutes deploy. Allen makes a full pull in the right lane and moves into the second spot. Nolan DQ'd.  (
    RESULTS: 19 392 B/AD Don Nolan, Manchester KY, Bos-BAE DQ

NHRA Lucas Oil North Central Finals

Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY

August 27 - Saturday

  • Qualifying Q1 (1:00PM)  
    RESULTS: 5.606/251.2 mph (7th) 
  • Qualifying Q2 (5:00PM) 
    RESULTS: 6.068/179.47 mph (10th)

Summit Motorsports Park  May 20-22, 2016

10th Anniversary of the Cavalcade of Stars

Norwalk, OH

May 20 - Friday

  • Qualifying  Q1 
    RESULTS: Q1 was ran in the late northern Ohio evening, meaning it was cool. Don went into tire shake about 200 feet into a really good looking run and let out of it. We wound up 13th with a 10.53

May 21 - Saturday

  • Qualifying  Q2  

     RESULTS: In Q2 we had an air pod leak that caused the air pressure to drop below

     an acceptable level. We aborted the run rather than take a very high risk of    

     damaging the motor.

  • Qualifying Q3

     RESULTS: Q3 was a great improvement with a 5.84 @ 238 but still not close to a

     run we would be happy with, or would get us in the race.

2016 Season

National Trail Raceway  July 22-24, 2016

Buckeye Fuel Wars

Hebron, OH

July 22 - Friday

  • Qualifying  Q1 
    RESULTS:  7th place

July 23 - Saturday
The team is sitting in 7th right now here in Columbus. Looking sunny and hot for today. We have two more qualifying runs to move up in the field, and that is what we plan to do.

  • Qualifying  Q2  


  • Qualifying Q3


Gateway Motorsports Park August 4-6, 2016

St. Louis, MO

August 5 - Friday

  • Qualifying Q1   
    RESULTS:  9th place
  • Qualifying Q2
    RESULTS:Hoped to improve on our Q1 5:71, but got out
    of the groove and loose. Did not improve.