2016 Gainesville Crew

Michael Nolan, Team Manager

Don Nolan, Owner/Driver

  • Drives hauler, supports mechanic with top and bottom end mechanics
  • Assists with Public Relations (sponsorship and shirt sales)
  • Social Studies teacher 17 years
  • Children: Reece
  • Hobbies: Fishing, music, and movies

2006 - Don bought a Top Dragster and competed in some bracket racing. He soon found he had a desire for faster cars. He continued to hone his driving skills, then moved up to Outlaw classes.

2010 - he began to get the parts together to race a Mike Boss dragster in Top Alcohol. The next year was spent testing and tuning the new dragster getting
ready for licensing.

2011 - the team took the car to Bowing Green, KY, for two consecutive weekends. The first was testing, and the second for licensing at the final
divisional (now regional) race of the year.

2012 - Nolan Racing ran all the regional races offered in the North Central Region.

2013 - the team gained additional sponsorship allowing them to expand their attendance at national races.

Don is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Civil Engineering. After college, he spent several years in the coal mines of Southeastern Kentucky during the week, with weekend on the lakes helping friends with drag boats, or with dirt track cars.

Children: Colton, Taylor, and Ava.

Nolan Racing

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