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Benefits of Sponsoring Nolan Racing

The potential for sponsor exposure at national events can reach a fan base in the millions. Media coverage for the NHRA is already in place via various formats including social media resources, television, magazines, radio, ESPN, ESPN2, live streams, print and television commercials, and personal appearances.While NHRA's resources do focus on the top fuel and prostock classes, other classes (such as Top Alcohol Dragster) also benefit from these resources when records are broken, in between fuel runs, and in the event of any track mishaps. As with any racing sport, when an accident or explosion occurs, those incidents tend to get prime coverage.

Nolan Racing posts status updates on Twitter and Facebook so fans have the opportunity to get up-to-date results when unable to attend an event in person.

There are a variety of price points available including primary and associate sponsorships.
Investing in the highest level of sponsorship (as a primary sponsor) will allow you to maximize your exposure. You may choose to sponsor one race with this team and review your return prior to opting for a more advanced sponsorship, or a longer commitment. The cost of sponsoring one race is far below what you may be expecting and we would be happy to discuss numbers further in a teleconference or meeting. 

Additional benefits of sponsorship can include:

  • Entertainment. Customer/employee entertainment. A wonderful way to entertain visitors to your company and/or reward employees for excellence in service.
  • V.I.P. seating in sponsor viewing area.
  • Signage (making sure the sponsor's name is prominently displayed on the race vehicle(s); ensuring sponsor is in agreement with placement of the signage. Company banners can also be displayed at the track after gaining permission from NHRA officials and/or track owners/managers. Sponsor name can be added to the hauler that transports the race car from event to event, on team shirts, fan cards, and social media sites, in addition to the race car.
  • Announcements. The track announcer can be provided information about the team and sponsors. Hearing the company name announced has quite an impact on guests.
  • Driver-car program. This can actually turn in to a program that helps the sponsor pay for the sponsorship. The driver and car can potentially be available for appearances at trade shows, job fairs, branch openings, community events, corporate functions, and other functions. Driver can sign autographs, work with photo sessions, and explain all facets of building a TAD and competing at the highest/fastest levels. This helps sponsors build traffic for their business, develop marketing lists, and add further visibility to the sponsor name as a player in this sport.
  • Advertising integration. Sponsor can have the right to use the driver, car, and more in its advertising. Auto racing in advertising has a way of attracting more attention.
  • Promotions and contests. We can work with sponsors to create promotions, contests, and sweepstakes that could include the winner being a team member at an event or award free event tickets, fan wear, and other prizes.
  • Fundraising. Nolan Racing is very enthusiastic about partnering with a company willing to sponsor the car for a season and "wrap" the car/hauler/team in the company's choice of philanthropic interest. Fundraising dinners can be arranged at various venues with our marketing person teaming up to make arrangements with restaurants willing to donate a percentage of their evening's proceeds to the named charity organization. Nolan Racing can also solicit direct donations for the named charity, as well as donating a portion of all team merchandise sold to the charity.
  • Merchandising. The sale of team merchandise and fan wear with the sponsor's logo can help the sponsor pay for the deal should a charity not be involved in the package. There are also "hero cards" available at all races that have the sponsor company's name/logo on them. These cards are signed by the driver and given free to fans who drop by the pit area to meet the driver. A sponsor can also opt to have a coupon on the hero card. The coupon programs is a fantastic opportunity to track return on investment and engagement.

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